Saturday, December 1, 2007

Decoding the Illuminati

The question is what are the signs of this secret organization?
A society obsessed with power and control must create an underground communication of universal visuals.

Occultists believe once a symbol is created, it acquires power of its own, and more power is generated when such symbols are created without masses being aware.

The Power of Numbers

The first sacred and perfect number representing pagan trinity.
Represented by the triangle in geometry and the third eye of Hinduism in spirituality.
Occultists believe in the principles of intensification, meaning they group numbers in twos and threes to make new powerful numbers.

The number of the soul of man-kind.
The omnipotent power of god.
In Revelation 13:18 god assigns 666 to man and beast.
666 becomes the mark of satan, a very important symbol to the new world order.

very sacred
The invisible centre
The spirit of everything around you.
More powerful when multiplied.
3x7=21 → 2=1=3, 21 one of the most powerful numbers.

The first cube of the first odd number.
999 is the inverse of 666.
999 becomes another way to show the mark of the devil.

Sarced number magnified by multiplication.
11x3=33, very powerful number.

Highest degree of masonry.
Illuminati member

Gen. XIV.4 = 12 years they served Chedorlaomer and the 13th they rebelled.
Friday the 13th, has origins when the Pope in 1307 tortured and killed the Knights Templar.

The Illuminati as an Occultist organization believe no plan or action can be carried out without first determining two things.

1. Timing of the action is accordance with astrological lineup of the stars, moons, and planets.
2. Timing of the action is in accordance with the numbers it will produce.


13 colonies (rebellion against great Britain)

Hitler and Roosevelt came to power.
First humanist manifesto.

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mythicShadow said...

33 is not the highest degree...the old saying that life begins at 40, refers to a masonic goes all the way up to 360, because a circle that ever returneth in to the self same spot, and much of madness and more of sin, and horror, the soul of the plot. you need more instruction on these evil bastards...go to