Saturday, December 1, 2007

Their Greatest Defense

After everything we've shared, you don't believe it.

How can you?

It's conspiracy theory.

Shapes being formed out of clouds.

And just as this blog points out, the internet has emboldened those who are compelled to hypothesize, investigate and network.

But isn't that what they would want.

Pure disbelief.

1 comment:

Ibnu Yunus said...

Well,this Illuminati activities had been exposed further than ever..hmm..

Dear friend,I am also doing some personal research about this.Your blog surprised me,and at the same time,opened my eyes to such well-preserved con..

Look for Malaysian's DAP symbol,and you will be amazed.

To further elongated this comment,I would like to share that their "universal number" is 13.

Such symbols,can be found in MacDonald's,Facebook's and much more symbols/page.

The Seal of America and the vivid thirteen steps of Pyramid in America's One Dollar,too looked intriguing.

Thats all I know so far,and I thanked you,for this mind-refreshing blog.